Remhendel 23.8mm Paul Components E-Lever Zilver
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Remhendel 23.8mm Paul Components E-Lever Zilver

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Omschrijving Remhendel 23.8mm Paul Components E-Lever Zilver

Left option only. The Paul Components E-Lever (single/silver) is a small single-finger, short-pull brake lever. It works with standard side-pull caliper, cantilever, and other short-pull brakes.

There’s something to be said for the clean looks of bare track handlebars, but riding brakeless can be hazardous on the road. The E-Lever is a tiny brake lever that keeps your handlebars looking clean while providing that extra braking power when needed.

Because of its compact design, the E-Lever has less leverage. For this reason we cannot recommend it for use as the sole method of braking. The E-Lever should only be used in conjunction with other brake mechanisms such as a fixed gear hub or coaster brake.

This lever is available in two clamp diameters to fit road and mountain handlebars. The 23.8mm version fits on the narrower grip section of road handlebars. The 22.2mm version fits standard mountain bike handlebars. There is an integrated barrel adjuster for quick adjustments.

Paul Components E-lever (single) - Silver specifications

Left option only.

6061 Aluminum
short pull
22.2mm or 23.8mm clamp size
integrated barrel adjuster
sold individually

Datasheet Remhendel 23.8mm Paul Components E-Lever Zilver
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